Thursday, February 17, 2011

J. Cole lyrics to Kendrick Lamar "Temptation"

Often I’m caught up in confusion and need a dissolution
Ain't got me the solution to see through the illusion I’m living
A few friends killed, a few sent to prison
Our mama’s tried to warn us but few tend to listen
See we running the streets in search of some trouble
At least a couple of freaks to sneak home with
Now she ride a nigga dick just like she owned it
So every time I wanna hit, I bet you she on deck
She got the bad lips, bad hips, damn shawty
Slim waist, Gina face, Pam body
Met her in the club, Yet the liqour led to love
That's the reason my niggas can’t find me
Good golly, look shawty, ain't no need for games
I know a niggas still young but I done seen some things
If it’s cool to talk, let me ease your pain
This is food for thought, let me feed ya brain
Your ex-man did you dirty, did he leave a stain?
When them losers talk, tell em please refrain
I refuse to stop, don’t freeze the frame
Cause tonight I got you calling out Jesus name

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