Friday, February 25, 2011

J. Cole Nothing Like It Lyrics

[J. Cole]
Yeah, Pistol Pete flow, smoke like a swisha sweet blow
Cole world, get ya Pea Coat
Rappers got no point, niggas miss the free throws so
Ain’t no mystery why there picking me for
I’ve been hot since ’97, I aint Mr Cee though
I am Mr NC boy, with the pen destroy any emcee boy
I’m skinny, didn’t eat so I’m hungry like a hostage
Finally seeing money so it’s funny how they eyes lit
Surprise its, that nigga that you should have been on
I handed you niggas my demo, dawg I couldn’t get on
One time for my city bitch I’m putting it on
Like a condom when I’m with your girl, ballin’ like it’s intramural
Back in school, hoopin’ to impress the girls
We was young and disconnected from the rest of World
I reminsce on Andrea, eh, God bless ya girl
She used to let me sit in class and caress her curves
Help a nigga get through puberty, the lessons learned
From her, wasn’t nothing like it
We passed notes, she read minds like a fucking psychic and write back
I was the class clown, I told jokes and hope she liked that
Rode the bus home and wonder how it be to pipe that
If I was just a little faster I know I could have smashed her
But was just a virgin, couldn’t make it past flirting
Now I’m taking baths with there naked ass jerkin
Make It Last forever playing in the background
You can that as whatever I was laying that down
She gon hat emy ass forever, I aint gon bring her back round
But hold up, what you expect it, how you feeling all neglected?
Sending all them texted spillin on your dresses
We knew just what this was before I was feeling on your breast’es
I never disrespected, I’m clever nigga check it
I tried to warn these women, guess they never get the message
This is Cole, aint nothing like it
So girls don’t wanna fuck him, now they wanna fuckin’ like him
and hope you fuckin’ wife him

Yeah, nuttin’ like him

Yeah, ooh, yeah, oh

Aint no other, aint no other niggas
A-aint no, aint no other niggas fucking with me
Rappers throwin’ jabs but it feel like nothing hit me
Fake niggas, snake niggas I think something bit me
Scratch that, can’t impersonate perfection man
But I can school you, this here is the lesson plan
Now uh uh apparently , some of y’all comparing me
Either you blind as hell or either you just don’t care to see
Don’t make me pull the trigger I think you niggas is daring me
Go fuck around and get your favorite rapper embarrassed, see
I’m the supplier of that fire and the kerosene
Don’t wanna make a scene, those aint no shots fired
Just know the shit that I’m dropping, take you a lot higher
These niggas bitches on the low, they Mrs Doubtfire
How can you doubt fire, man if you brave enough then come put it out Sire
The South by your side, this the mouth for your eyes
You niggas spit it with no one to vouch for your lies
I spit it how you see it, but aint had the words to say it
I spit it how you think it but aint had the balls to speak it
I put it out, sit around and let the world critique it
Until the fans up on it early like a nigga leaked it
Just know you fucking with the best, this be our little secret
Until the world find out and then y’all gotta share me
Til then just know theres nothing like him and theres nothing near me
Yeah you fucking hear me
Yeah, yeh

Chris Bosh May Be The First NBA Player To Win Best Actor Award


New Music: J. Cole - Nothing Like It... Dopest song of the year...

Download here

Old Cole Old B.I.G. New Song

Download here

Forever Kings Present "Kings Attire" The Genesis

Kings Attire "The Genesis" from ForeverKingsTV on Vimeo.

Click here to check out the whole post!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Music: Swizz Beatz Presents Nas - Top Down

Download here

XXL Freshman Cover 2011

Freshman Class include : Lil Twist, CyHi Da Prynce, Big K.R.I.T., Meek Mill, Diggy Simmons, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, Fred The Godson, Mac Miller, YG and Lil B.

J. Cole & B.O.B in the studio


Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wonder if my boys remember i had this in HS... Matty, Lankee, Geezy & Leo

Big Sean lyrics to "My Last"

(Big Sean 1st Verse)

Ok now where that alcohol
You aint even got to ask
Cause Imma drink it all like, like its my last
She a 7 in the face, but a 10 in the ass
She even look better by the end of my glass
See I just walked in fresher than the shirts off in this muthfucker
I'mma need a bad broad to twirk off in this muthafucker
I'mma go hard till it hurts off in this muthafucker
I'mma ball so you gotta work off in this muthafucker
The work, and I can get you anything you want
I could, I could, I could, I could put you on
See you look like Beyonce so do it like Beyon…
Do it like Beyonce and put it on Sean
Grind hard but a got a lot to show for it
Always had drive like I had to chauffeur it
My team’s so true we should get a camera crew
To follow us around and make a show for us

(Verse 2)
Now, I’mma fill this glass up like it’s my last
I’mma do, do it, like its my last
I’mma spend this cash up like it’s my last
And I’mma make it last, like it’s my last
And I’m gone, can’t remember where I am
But she forget about her man when they tell her who I am
And they introduce my fan
Now she all up in space
All all up in my face like you remember who I am
Since I signed to Kan, I’m Louie Vuitton Sean
Up in Benny Han Han eating all the Wonton
Rose rose over a little Chandon
Put her hands down my pants now she rocking Sean John
Man I just ended up on everybody guestlist
I’m just doing better than what everybody projected
Knew that I’d be here so if you asked me how I feel
I’mma just tell you, its everything that I expected

Fast & Furious 5... Dope!

I notice they brought the whole cast from 1-4... Only one question...Where's my n-gga Bow Wow?

OG Mario Kart


Wale No Days Off


J. Cole lyrics to Kendrick Lamar "Temptation"

Often I’m caught up in confusion and need a dissolution
Ain't got me the solution to see through the illusion I’m living
A few friends killed, a few sent to prison
Our mama’s tried to warn us but few tend to listen
See we running the streets in search of some trouble
At least a couple of freaks to sneak home with
Now she ride a nigga dick just like she owned it
So every time I wanna hit, I bet you she on deck
She got the bad lips, bad hips, damn shawty
Slim waist, Gina face, Pam body
Met her in the club, Yet the liqour led to love
That's the reason my niggas can’t find me
Good golly, look shawty, ain't no need for games
I know a niggas still young but I done seen some things
If it’s cool to talk, let me ease your pain
This is food for thought, let me feed ya brain
Your ex-man did you dirty, did he leave a stain?
When them losers talk, tell em please refrain
I refuse to stop, don’t freeze the frame
Cause tonight I got you calling out Jesus name

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Video: Tyga Feat. Chris Brown - Regular Girl / Wonder Woman


Put a pause on Color of Money to listen to this...

Download here. Songs to check Let's Ride, Too Much, Wouldn't Get Far, Scream on Em, & Doctor's Advocate.

The Making of McKenzie Eddy’s “Silence” ft. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa Remix

Download song here. This is the number 8 track on Curren$y's Pilot Talk II. I wanna smoke with a with chick too.. lol

Curren$y – Soundbombing (In-Studio)

Soundbombin' By MUSCLE CAR CHRONICLES from Creative Control on Vimeo.

These Air Jordan 6 “HARE” Custom are insane....

Wiz Khalifa on the set of "Roll Up" wit Cassie

New Video: Sean Garret Feat. J. Cole - Feel Love

Feel Love

Sean Garrett | Myspace Music Videos

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Image of the day: How could this nappy headed boy from out the project be the apple of America’s obsession?

Dopest Commerical!

Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon


WTF is up with Wiz hair?!... Talks about Lil Wayne's Green & Yellow


Y isn't this finish?? ..... Jay-Z - Dead President 3


It's only right since now he has the most 3pointers made in NBA history!

Purest jump shot ever.

Old School is the best... My big bro always use to kick my a**..

In the Morning video to drop on Valentine's Day!!

New Video: Stalley - The Tune Up

                       Stalley "The Tune Up" from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

New Mixtape: Stalley - Lincoln Way Night

This mixtape is real dope! Didn't expect this. Download here

Quote of the Day: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” - Frederick Douglas

Top 10 Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2011

#1. J. Cole - TBA

I don't know if Loso is dropping an album this year but if he is I'm anticipating it as much as half the albums on my list... Check it out..

I must say this is better than the original... Jay-Z & Kanye - H.A.M. (Remix Ft. Travis Barker))

Download here

Where should he go?

"As a Kobe fan, I don't give a damn about what Melo does. If he feeling LeBronish he'll go to LA. If he's a smart man, he'll go to NY" - Lankee_FK

New Music: Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown - My Last

Download here

"she put her hands down my pants now she rocking Sean John" - Big Sean

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quote of the Day: "Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction" - Bob Marley

Devil In A New Dress Verses

J. Cole > Fabolous > Rick Ross > Kanye West

One of the few Gs left in hip hop.... Jim Jones

Don't Do Drugs! Trust Pookie! ...

All because I was high.....

New Music: Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Gang

Download here

In Memory of the King!

Happy Birthday: Bob Marley


What Im listening to this week: Lil Wayne & Currency - Color of Money

Download here... This mixtape is dope... Old but dope... Song to check out I'm Ridin, Dippin from the cops, Ain't nothin, Laced up, & Nigga like me.

New Video: Wale - Break Up Song

New Video: Wale - The MC