Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Sean lyrics to "My Last"

(Big Sean 1st Verse)

Ok now where that alcohol
You aint even got to ask
Cause Imma drink it all like, like its my last
She a 7 in the face, but a 10 in the ass
She even look better by the end of my glass
See I just walked in fresher than the shirts off in this muthfucker
I'mma need a bad broad to twirk off in this muthafucker
I'mma go hard till it hurts off in this muthafucker
I'mma ball so you gotta work off in this muthafucker
The work, and I can get you anything you want
I could, I could, I could, I could put you on
See you look like Beyonce so do it like Beyon…
Do it like Beyonce and put it on Sean
Grind hard but a got a lot to show for it
Always had drive like I had to chauffeur it
My team’s so true we should get a camera crew
To follow us around and make a show for us

(Verse 2)
Now, I’mma fill this glass up like it’s my last
I’mma do, do it, like its my last
I’mma spend this cash up like it’s my last
And I’mma make it last, like it’s my last
And I’m gone, can’t remember where I am
But she forget about her man when they tell her who I am
And they introduce my fan
Now she all up in space
All all up in my face like you remember who I am
Since I signed to Kan, I’m Louie Vuitton Sean
Up in Benny Han Han eating all the Wonton
Rose rose over a little Chandon
Put her hands down my pants now she rocking Sean John
Man I just ended up on everybody guestlist
I’m just doing better than what everybody projected
Knew that I’d be here so if you asked me how I feel
I’mma just tell you, its everything that I expected

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